Moyer recall petition moves forward

RBC | A petition to recall Commissioner Gary Moyer was submitted to RBC Clerk and Recorder Boots Campbell on April 5 with 879 signatures. By state law, 747 signatures were required. Of the 879 signatures submitted, 20 were rejected.

Campbell determined that the petition was sufficient — meaning enough valid signatures were gathered to meet state requirements — on April 7.

During a 15-day protest period which began April 7, an eligible elector can file a written protest under oath in the Clerk and Recorder’s office claiming the reasons listed for the recall are invalid.

The petition lists the following reasons, or grounds, for recall:

  • “Commissioner Gary Moyer verbally abused and made unsubstantiated accusations against Public Health Nurse Alice Harvey in a public meeting on Feb. 9, 2021.
  • “Commissioner Gary Moyer misused his power by intimidating and terminating long-term, dedicated employees and department heads without prior notice, on impulse without having any plan in place for replacing them, leaving County Departments with a leadership void and creating a fearful hostile work environment for all remaining employees.
  • “Commissioner Gary Moyer was instrumental in the attempt to eliminate the Rio Blanco County Dispatch Center without giving Citizens or the Sheriff the opportunity to voice their opposition or have any input on the decision.
  • “Commissioner Gary Moyer has repeatedly demonstrated a total lack of transparency in the manner in which he has conducted County business.”

As of press time Wednesday, April 14, no official protest has been filed with the Clerk and Recorder’s office.