Nielsen runs for mayor seat in Rangely

Joseph Nielsen
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Joseph Nielsen
Joseph Nielsen
RANGELY I After serving a four-year term as a town trustee and a year as mayor pro tem, Joseph Nielsen made the decision to run for Rangely mayor in this spring’s town election.
Nielsen, who is running unopposed, sees the job as a vital one to the community.

“I feel very strongly that this job is a sacred trust; that all monies taken through taxes must be viewed in that light and handled as such,” he said. “I also feel that the federal government is on the wrong track, and someday, in the near future, it will be ‘we the people’ who set it right through our example of how things can and should be done.”
Nielsen also believes that with more community involvement Rangely could see some great changes.
“I hope to be able to assist with the implementation of the Better Cities and Towns plan that will help diversify our economy,” he said. “I also feel that at times there seems to be an us versus them mentality between the town and some of the residents.
“I would love to have those who feel that way come into the meetings and see that we are doing our best to represent the needs of the residents” Nielsen said. “In short, I would like to tear down some perceived barriers.”
Nielsen grew up in St. George, Utah, and has been a Rangely resident with his family for 10 years. His wife, Leslie, is currently serving a second term on the Rangely School Board.
“I have been told by some that I possess leadership qualities; sometimes that makes me laugh out loud because I still see myself as an 8 to 10-year-old kid, who shed his shoes on the last day of school and spent the summer running the streets of the town where I grew up.
“Then I will be faced with a tough decision and I tend to handle it with clarity of thought and action,” Nielsen said. “That is when I get a glimpse of what others see in me.”