Parkview Elementary students show school pride

RANGELY I Parkview Elementary School students showed pride in their school on the last day of 2011 with a Pride Assembly and visit from Santa Claus Dec. 22.
According to Principal Bennie Bennett, PRIDE assemblies are to promote “Personal Responsibility In Daily Endeavors,” and are part of the PBIS system encouraging kids to succeed both academically and behaviorally.
Teachers are given four PRIDE certificates to issue per month to honor a child’s academic efforts, and three PAWS per week to issue to kids showing their “PRIDE” above and beyond the norm.
Students use the PAWS to purchase fun items from the store displayed and run by the parent/teacher organization. Students are also entered into the monthly drawing to win a prize from the Panther Treasure Box, which holds items that grab a child’s interest and are donated by local businesses.
PRIDE assemblies are usually theme-based like the recent PJ/Christmas day assembly held Dec. 22 at Parkview Elementary School, where the fifth-grade band played.
Students who qualified for the Consistency Club were also honored at the PRIDE assembly. The Consistency Club is a quarterly award, a set of activities requiring kids to think outside the box and as a team. Students qualify for the Consistency Club by meeting four criterion:
1. Attendance (less than 5 absences per quarter)
3. Homework (3+ homework dings = no Consistency Club)
4. Behavior (No office referrals – Love and Logic allows for the student to be able to come and sit but if Principal Bennett needs to talk to the student is is counted as a referral).
Bennett believes high expectations equal high results.