Proposed budget more than $4M

In December, Meeker’s board of trustees will vote to adopt the proposed 2012 budget. A budget that was admittedly difficult for the town’s staff to create.
Sales tax revenue for the town was down more than $213,000 as of Oct. 31, and interest income was cut in half. Offsetting those decreases, mineral lease and severance tax dollars, up by more than $400,000.
“The two things that have increased are cigarette tax and liquor licenses,” said Meeker Town Administrator Sharon Day.
The proposed budget for the town’s general fund stands at approximately $3,899,000, higher than 2010’s budget primarily because of the planned Market Street improvement project. In addition, more than $600,000 is budgeted for the town’s water fund.
The 2012 budget plan includes a 3 percent cost-of-living increase for town employees, the first such increase in four years.
“All of our departments are under budget right now,” Day said. “Staff is to be commended. When I tell people what our budget is and what we do, the services we provide, they can’t believe it. It’s because of our staff and what they do to save money.”
The proposed budget will be approved and adopted at the town’s only December meeting, to be held Monday, Dec. 12. Copies of the proposed budget are available for review at Meeker Town Hall and at Meeker Public Library.