Rally Colorado races into Rangely next week

Among those attending the announcement of the Rally Colorado 2017 event in Rangely were town trustee Andy Key, RBC Commissioner Jeff Rector, chamber director Konnie Billgren, RBC economic development coordinator Katelin Cook, Rangely Automotive Museum owner, Bud Striegel, Teri Wilczek, Rod Steely (owner of ODD Racing from Greeley), rally driver David Brown, rally driver and driving instructor Tracey Gardiner and event coordinator Alan Gardiner from Highlands Ranch, Colo. courtesy photo

RANGELY I With the final preparations well underway, the 2017 Rally Colorado Rangely Event is sure to draw much excitement as it bursts into town at the end of next week.
The event, which is round four of the Rally America National Series, will bring race cars and their drivers to the dirt roads south of Rangely where they will test their skills on switchbacks and steep slopes. Headquarters for the racers will be located at Blue Mountain Inn.

Day One of the event, termed “Prospectors Run,” will send the racers up Douglas Creek. According to the Rally Colorado website racers can anticipate, “A grueling 64 miles of racing in a 160 mile route, with the fastest cars averaging just below 50 mph.”
Day Two, or “Blazin’ Saddles,” starts up Calamity Ridge and ends with a quick run down Gillam Draw.
For those who want to get involved in the rally a parade of the cars will go through Main Street on Thursday evening. The parade will begin at the Automotive Museum at 8 p.m.
County Economic Development Coordinator Katelin Cook is excited for the impact the event could have on the community. “Rally Colorado is a national race, providing national media exposure of Rangely. Events such as this tie into our economic diversification efforts, and we are excited to partner with Rally America to bring another outdoor recreation offering. I would encourage locals to be a part of the event and experience world class rally car racing at its finest,” she said.
Because of the nature of the race there will be some temporary road closures that locals should be prepared for. On Friday, July 21 CR 96 is closed from CR 1 to CR 65, CR 73/78 is closed from CR 65 to Hwy. 64 and CR 131 is closed from CR 122 to Hwy. 64 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, July 22 closures include CR 100 from Hwy. 139 to CR 23, CR 113/116 closed from CR 23 to Hwy. 139, and CR 138 closed from Hwy. 139 to Hwy. 139, again from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The Rangely Chamber of Commerce is still looking for volunteers to help direct traffic near the course. If you are interested in getting a close view of the race by volunteering your time contact Chamber Director Konnie Billgren at 675-5290.