Rangely comes to defense of CNCC president Granger

RANGELY | Rangely college board president Sam Tolley, former Rangely mayor Frank Huitt and several Colorado Northwestern Community College employees spoke to the Craig City Council last week in response to comments made by former CNCC employee and current Craig City Council member Brian Mackenzie during a recent meeting of the Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District board. All speakers expressed their desire for the two campuses to continue to work together and their support of President Ron Granger.

“We’ve always believed in one college, two campuses,” Tolley said, noting that multiple programs have been expanded to include both campuses during the last decade.

“100% of our board supports Ron Granger. We think he’s done a great job,” Tolley added. “I think we have some of the best and brightest staff we’ve ever had on both campuses, and that’s what concerns me. It seems like this constant animosity is going to tear that apart.”

“I was pretty upset when I read the article and some of the comments made by Mr. Mackenzie,” Huitt said. “Is he [Mackenzie] speaking for the council here in Craig, or is that just his personal opinion?” Huitt asked.

Mackenzie said he doesn’t speak for anyone.

“Our two communities have worked together. I’d like to see us continue to work together. This college is a good thing for both communities,” Huitt said.

In a Sept. 20 report from Colorado Community College System (CCCS)—the governing board of CNCC—to address “next steps by CNCC and CCCS aimed at addressing the priorities described by Moffat County and City of Craig officials,” CCCS stated, “It is not our desire to see the Craig campus ‘break off’ from CNCC or leave the CCCS system of colleges. We have invested a great deal in the campus in Craig and we see it as one of the jewels among our rural college facilities, although it, like our other rural campuses, is experiencing enrollment challenges.”

By Niki Turner | editor@ht1885.com