Rangely considers helping museum with repository plan

RANGELY | Tuesday the Rangely Town Council met for their regular meeting and a work session with the Rangely Development Corporation (RDC).
The RDC met to discuss a request from the Rangely Outdoor Museum for $17,500 to partner with the Dominguez Archeological Research Group (DARG), a group out of Grand Junction. The museum has a variety of goals including building a repository which would allow them to store and display artifacts from the area. Additionally, the creation of a repository would allow the museum to recall artifacts that have been sent to other museums.
The RDC and town council members listened to a short presentation from DARG members about the scope of work for the project. The three primary areas the museum would like to expand include the development of the repository, establishment of local and regional programs for cultural research and education and exploring interest in a “community-based coalition for sustainable development and support of local and regional heritage tourism.”
The $17,500 would allow DARG to partner with the museum for a two-year period. During this time DARG would apply for numerous grants as well as develop inventories of known cultural and archeological resources in the area.
Richard Ott, project coordinator with DARG and Rangely native, said, “Our mission is simply to facilitate this kind of work.” Ott told the board, “This could be a model for other areas of the country.”
Dan Fiscus of the museum board emphasized the importance of using museum updates and the repository for education. “Our kids should be learning from this stuff. It’s in our backyard,” he said. Fiscus also told the board that adding to the museum could allow Rangely to better take advantage of its location in the Dinosaur Diamond.
Currently the museum’s annual budget is just under $25,000.
RDC President Brad Casto expressed concerns that further development of local archeological resources could negatively impact the local oil and gas industry.
Following the RDC meeting the town council moved into a quick regular meeting.
Town Manager Peter Brixius discussed sales tax information. According to Brixius the data from June shows a large increase from the same time period last year and is about equivalent to June 2015 data. Both the hang gliding event and Chevron turnaround occurred during that time.
Brixius sought input from the council on the Colorado Municipal League’s upcoming meeting which will be attended by Brixius and council member Andy Key.
The town is preparing for their 2018 budget. Brixius said that each department has been asked to cut 10 percent from their budgets moving forward.
Council member Andy Key expressed concerns that the stoplight repairs are not going to be paid in full by the insurance of the driver who damaged the pole. Brixius stated that the insurance would only pay the depreciated value, likely between $20,000-$30,000. Estimated repairs could be as high as $600,000.