Rangely Development Agency discusses economy

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RANGELY | The Rangely Development Agency (RDA) met Oct. 13 to discuss grants and upcoming economic development in Rangely. Concerns about Rangely’s lagging business activity in the area have brought the business community and RDA members together in order to find solutions. The main purpose of this board is to help businesses in Rangely through grants which are most often used to improve the exterior aesthetic of buildings. Drawing people into Rangely as a place to live and for tourism is a major concern for the RDA board. They have various plans in the works that are intended to create jobs and kickstart the local economy. These include housing projects, projects connected with the college—specifically the airplane maintenance program—and other issues of concern to local businesses. A particular concern for businesses in Rangely is the lack of a full-scale grocery store. The current grocery store in Rangely seems inadequate to sustain tourism and permanent residency in Rangely. Planning for a newer and bigger store with more variety would be necessary in order to draw people to the community. The Better City consulting group was mentioned in the meeting. It is their assessment that a grocery store would be needed in the area to sustain economic and population growth in Rangely. Efforts to achieve this goal are underway now. Other distinct groups, such as the hospital, are going to be added to provide a voice in the planning of economic development. The RDA seems dedicated to helping small businesses in the area to create jobs and facilitate a thriving community. The desire to attract new life into the area is paramount to creating economic stability and quality of life. Business owners who attended the RDA meeting on Thursday voiced their concerns about lagging economic activity when it comes to local business. They want to remain in the community that they love and see their businesses grow and thrive.