Rangely Junior High loses to Vernal, Utah

rangelypantherbiggerRANGELY I Rangely Junior High’s football team lost to a combined team from Vernal, Utah, last week, 22-8, in its first game of the season.
“We had our chances to score,” Rangely junior high coach Tim Webber said.
The Panthers will host Meeker’s Barone Middle School on Saturday.
Webber said he was pleased with the number of players out for football this season.
“We have 32 out this year,” Webber said. “Four years ago we had 13. So we have enough for seventh- and eighth-grade teams. In the past, we just had enough players for one team.”
Webber, by the way, recorded a triple play last week during a softball tournament.
“There were runners on first and second, and I was playing shortstop,” Webber said. “I dove and caught the ball, stepped on second to get the runner who had left the base, and then I threw to first. Paul Fortunato said he had never seen that in softball.”