Rangely Locals: June 12, 2008

By Blake Smith
Staff Writer

RANGELY — Summer has officially started! I know this because I went to the Denver Broncos Fan Fair with my family and that signals the beginning of summer vacation. I got a lot of autographs and pictures of the Denver Broncos players. I met Brandon Marshall and I am hopeful he will be ready to play because he didn’t have a bandage on his arm. I also met Dewayne Robertson, Hamza Abdullah, Ebenezer Ekuban, D.J. Williams and other players.
I’m not ashamed to admit that perhaps my favorite part of Fan Fair is that I got to ride in the elevator with some of the cheerleaders! The Broncos’ staff was very good at making sure people in wheelchairs could get pictures with the players and made sure everyone had a good time at the Fan Fair.
We also went to the Denver Zoo. Emma enjoyed seeing the animals.
I hope you have missed my weekly articles and will help me with getting news to share. I’m finished working at the Rangely Preschool, so I will have more time to devote to finding out what’s going on with the people of Rangely.
I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work as a preschool aide this spring and would like to send a special thank you to Donna Day, Lottie Thompson, Linda Cox, Kim LeBleu and all the other Parkview Elementary staff for all their support the past few months.
A huge thank you to Mitch Bettis for holding my job for me, too. Also, good luck to the new editor and thank you, Bobby, for all your help!
Speaking of the school district, congratulations to Dwayne Newman on his new position as the Rangely school district superintendent.
Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Woodley on June 12. Birthday wishes to Mike Zadra on June 12; Ken Hoyt, John Allen and Danny Dorris on June 13; Patty Powell on June 15 and Espy Saenz on June 17. Also, a very special Father’s Day wish to all the fathers out there, especially my dad, Mark Smith, and grandfathers Don Wade and George Smith.
I’m really counting on all of you to provide me with news to share. Call or e-mail me with birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, guests, etc. I would love to hear from you! Call me at 675-8021 or e-mail blake@theheraldtimes.com.