Rangely School District looking at a healthy budget next year

RANGELY | Budget

This is the last year the district will collect on the building bond and according to Superintendent Matt Scoggins they will likely have some funds left over. Scoggins believes the district will be able to transfer around $300,000 into their general fund, bolstering the districtwide budget. The move will allow the district to move away from a budget deficit for the coming school year.

Phone System Upgrade

Scoggins described the district’s current 27 phone line system as “very dated”. He suggested upgrading to a VOIP system, sharing a server with the Meeker School District. The system comes with a $30,000 price tag, an annual $7,000 savings from the current system. The new system will likely come with a ‘panic button’ set up, tying in with the district’s stated goal of improving student safety.

Chevron Donations

Scoggins said the district will receive a $75,000 donation from Chevron, which he would like to use to purchase Chrome Book laptops for 3-12 graders. He is still exploring how the program will work.

Beth Wiley, parent of Parkview students, expressed concerns about the technology and parental involvement in the decision process. Scoggins agreed that there were many questions that would need looked into.