Rangely trustee running unopposed for mayor

Andy Shaffer

RANGELY | This spring there will be only one name on the ballot for Rangely’s mayoral seat, Andy Shaffer.

Shaffer said he is seeking the role to help continue the focus on economic development. “I want to help Rangely find and establish a business or businesses that will stimulate the economy and help the businesses that are already here. There are good people that are on the council and the upcoming candidates are all good people. There is not one of us that will be able to swing the magic wand over Rangely and make this happen but between the seven of us we will be able to make some sound decisions,” he said.

He described Rangely’s largest weakness as more of choice we all make by living here. “It is challenging to get some amenities when they are 50-100 miles away. I don’t know if this is a weakness or just our choice for living here,” he said.

Shaffer views people as Rangely’s biggest strength saying, “I have seen a lot of people come and go over the past 27 years. The people are what set this community apart from many other communities. We may all agree or disagree with each other at one time or another but at the end of the day we will still respect each other and move on. Rangely welcomes people with a hand shake and a smile, regardless of who you are.”

Over the last couple of decades Shaffer has developed deep roots in Rangely, serving as a volunteer fireman for 25 years including his current position of fire chief. He moved to Rangely in 1990 when he attended, and eventually graduated, from the aviation program at Colorado Northwestern Community College. He has worked for Summit Midstream for almost 20 years.

“I would like to help bring something to this community that will stimulate the economy,” Shaffer said.