RDA reviews video promo idea, grocery coop, rentals

RANGELY I The Rangely Development Authority met briefly last week to review funding promotional videos and explore creation of a grocery cooperative.

Promotional Video

The RDA again heard from Josh Jackson who has proposed creating promotional videos for the town. Jackson presented the RDA with a drafted script for a video which will cover various hotspots around town including the TANK, Rock Crawling Park, Auto Museum and local businesses. He also suggested creating a YouTube channel for the RDA where they could regularly add videos. The script was unanimously approved by the board.

Jackson and his partner Mario Campos recently produced a comedic promotional video for Rangely District Hospital as well.

Grocery Cooperative Committee

At the last meeting the RDA decided to create a committee for exploring grocery cooperatives. Karen Reed, Tina Carstens, Keely Winger, Konnie Billgren and Alisa Granger were all appointed to the committee and will begin by presenting the idea in community meetings.

Rental Property

The RDA considered taking over ownership of one unit in a six unit rental property. Five years ago the town provided a $120,000, zero percent interest loan to the current owner and have been given the opportunity to take a unit in lieu of repayment. The loan is currently being renegotiated and the other option available to the board is to attempt to collect default interest of 12 percent.

Town Manager Peter Brixius said they RDA could expect $10,000 annually in income from the home if they rented it.

Chairman Brad Casto expressed opposition to the idea saying that the town should not own any rental property which would put them in competition with people in town. It was discussed that the RDA could take the unit and sell it in order to gain the income without long term town ownership. Discussions between the town and the property owner will continue.