René Harden claims common sense approach

René Harden
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René Harden
René Harden
RANGELY I René Harden has been a Rangely resident for 15 years, and after a decade and a half of living, working and developing relationships within the town she has decided to run for Rangely Town Trustee.

Harden is one of 10 candidates seeking election for three open seats this spring.
“You can not be part of the solution by sitting at home yelling at the world around you,” Harden said. “When I hear people complaining about Rangely I simply say, ‘When you get to a traffic light turn right or left. When you come to the end of that highway turn right or left and keep on going.’”
“(The) truth is we don’t want people here that bring the town down and then we can’t do anything,” she said. “We must work as a community and do what we need to, to become a community.”
When asked what she hopes to accomplish if elected Harden, responded, “First of all I hope to learn. I would also like to oversee our boards and how they operate. Who governs their staff, who is in charge, are all the people trained, are they following safety rules?”
In addition to holding two associates degrees, Harden believes she brings something more.
“I have something that I am not afraid to use, and that is common sense,” Harden said. “I like Rangely; I love the people. I bought a home here after only one month of being here.
“My plan is simple—watch where our money is going,” Harden said.