Rio Blanco County Republicans attend state assembly


RBC | Twelve Republican delegates from Rio Blanco County gathered in Denver and Boulder for the Republican State Assembly last weekend. The highly anticipated gubernatorial vote had seven candidates with only two—Walker Stapleton and Greg Lopez—receiving at least 30 percent of the assembly vote, the required amount to be placed on the primary ballot in June. They will be joined by Victor Mitchell and Doug Robinson who have both completed the petition process on the primary ballot.

The only other contested race was for state treasurer which had four candidates with only Justin Everett reaching the primary ballot. All of the treasurer candidates emphasized the importance of protecting TABOR and tackling the overcommitted PERA program.

The assembly heard speeches from the uncontested candidates including George Brauchler for attorney ceneral, Ken Montera for CU regent-at-large and Wayne Williams who is seeking reelection as secretary of state.

Locally, Congressional District Three, which covers all of the western slope and the Pueblo area, elected incumbent Scott Tipton to seek reelection in the House of Representatives and Glen Gallegos for District CU Regent.

A common theme heard throughout the day’s speeches was unity. Speakers encouraged the combined Republicans to support the Republican candidates that make it through the primary process and work hard to get the vote out. They discussed the importance of returning Colorado to a red state, especially with the upcoming redistricting process.

The delegates from Rio Blanco included party Chair Logan Hill and Secretary Jen Hill, Shawn Bolton, Jeff and Rebecca Rector, Matt and Konnie Billgren, Terry and Ramona Smalec, Andy Key, Paul Sheridan and Anthony Mazzola.