The inaugural Meeker Cattledog Classic offers unique event

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MEEKER I Weather, dogs and a friendly spirit of competition marked a great day for the Meeker Classic Cattledog Trials on Sunday.
As volunteers greeted the sunrise tidying up from Saturday’s Meekerpalooza festivities, handlers walked the course with trial officials to learn the scoring and rules for the day.
Other volunteers on horseback stood sentry at the east end of the field as cattle were hauled in by trailer.
Kent Herbel of Oklahoma, running first, walked to the handler’s post at 7:30 a.m. with his dog, Sweep, and it was time to begin.
Given 13 minutes to complete the course, Kent and Sweep maneuvered the cattle through the obstacles finishing with a pen in 11 minutes, 46 seconds, scoring 155 of 195 points. Thirty-nine more runs filled the day as spectators were treated to some of the nation’s finest cattledogs.
Indicative of the quality of the dogs were the 27 perfect scores of 195 points that were earned during the day. Time sorted out the placings from there. Runs finished up at 5:30 p.m. and a good time was had by all.
Coming in at first place with an amazing run in 4 minutes, 49 seconds was Dorrance Eikamp and Scott of Gillette, Wyo., The run was smooth and Scott worked the three yearlings quickly, quietly and efficiently through the obstacles. Eikamp and Scott have competed on the field before during the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials and are entered to compete again this September.
Eikamp works his dogs on cattle and sheep, emphasizing control and obedience. Juan Reyes of Wheatland, Wyo., took second and third places.
High scores, happy handlers and good volunteers made a great day for the spectators
Trial organizers and the community received high commendations by the handlers through the National Cattledog Association. They were thrilled with the quality of the trial, awed by the scenery and touched by the welcome they received from the community and its volunteers.
Ben and Jamie Rogers were the event sponsors who won the drawing for John Kobald’s original art titled “Steer Clear,” which he he donated to the trial.
Top Five Finishers:
1. Dorrance Eikamp and 4-year-old male dog, Scott, from Gillette, Wyo., 195 points (max.) in 4:49, $1,500.
2. Juan Reyes and 3-year-old female, Rum, from Wheatland, Wyo., 195 points in 6:37, $1,000.
3. Juan Reyes and 7-year-old male, Zak, from Wheatland, Wyo., 195 points in 6:52, $500.
4. Landon Minor and 3-year-old male, Max, from South Coffeeville, Okla. 195 points in 7:20, $300.
5. Lyle East and 3-year-old male, Mo, from Clinton, Mo., 195 points in 7:23, $200.
TOTAL PURSE: $3,000. 40 dogs and handlers from 11 states: Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Nebraska and Missouri.