Town of Meeker revisits discussion of design standards for new development

MEEKER | The odor coming off the lower part of the Sulphur Creek Ditch isn’t going to disappear any time soon, despite requests from residents and business owners.
“We are not responsible for it as the town,” said Meeker Town Administrator Scott Meszaros. “We didn’t install it, it was a federal project. The town has never been legally responsible for it.”
After the last request earlier this year, town staff requested bids for vacuuming out the lower portion of the ditch that has a concrete base. REDI Services supplied a bid for $18,000.
“The town has zero funding for that in our budget right now,” Meszaros said.
It’s illegal to flush the debris and mud that has collected in the ditch out into the river, although the town used to do that many years ago.
The board also heard a presentation from Joe Livingston, who is hoping to broadcast the sheepdog trials live via internet radio. Livingston said they are lining up commentators and LAI already has fiber laid to Ute Park to provide internet connectivity.
Concerns from Curtis Creek businesses regarding the town’s plan to widen the Curtis Creek road were addressed during public participation. The town is planning to improve the road with an overlay and eventual paving project, but surrounding properties are currently using land that is within the town’s right-of-way.
“There’s a conflict on both sides,” Meszaros said. The town will be adjusting the roadway in light of the center line of the right-of-way.
In other business, the board approved an ordinance updating its agreement with White River Electric Association, approved a special event liquor license permit for the Meeker Lions Club to serve alcohol at the Meeker Chamber of Commerce annual dinner on May 11, approved a resolution to amended the town’s personnel manual and the financial section related to bids and ethics, and a resolution reappointing Sam Hale and Terry Goedert to the town planning commission for another term.
Following the regular board meeting, the town heard a presentation from planning consultant T.J. Dlubac regarding establishing and implementing design standards for new development.
“We started this project a year ago tonight,” said Meszaros, primarily in response to complaints from citizens about the design of a new business on Market Street. Currently, the town has no design standards in place, so town staff has no way to control the design of new development.
The board agreed to review the draft design document, make suggestions and meet again to discuss implementation procedures.