Up and Down El Rio Blanco: A safe & enjoyable holiday

Congratulations to Jeff Eskelson and Jon Hill for being elected to the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners. I wish both of you the best in representing our county in the years to come.
Thank you to Christine Brasfield for stepping up and becoming part of the process our great country was founded on, it takes a lot of gumption to run and yours was greatly appreciated.
I also want to thank my lifelong friend Kai Turner for representing on the local, state and national levels and wish him well in his future endeavors.
It is my hope we will all continue to work together to move our county forward and we must all step up and get involved.
Several business owners recently attended an Economic Development 101 class presented by the Meeker Chamber of Commerce. The group came up with a mission statement to help them move forward and a direction to begin an inventory of existing businesses and our county’s assets and begin working with local elected officials and special district boards to “get on the same page.”
I came away from from the class excited about the potential we have and committed to help by using the newspaper to gather information about existing businesses, not only in Meeker but Rangely and Rio Blanco County too.
I plan to make use of the phone and Internet but hope to meet all business owners face to face to ask a few questions:
First, why did you choose Rio Blanco County to do business? Secondly, what keeps you from expanding your businesses? And last but not least (a salesman must always ask a closing question), “How can the Rio Blanco Herald Times help promote your business?”
I look forward to seeing and visiting with you and promoting your business to our readers. Please feel free to call me at 970-987-9597 to set up an appointment if you wish, if not I’ll contact you.

As everyone knows, the fire danger in Rio Blanco County and our state is extremely high with no relief forecasted. Stage II fire restrictions have been implemented and the Fourth of July fireworks displays in Meeker and Rangely have both wisely been canceled. Please be careful with fire.

The hot and dry weather has also slowed the flow of the White River and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office has asked anglers not to fish in the afternoon, as the temperature of the water is stressful to the fish when caught.

I hope everyone is looking forward to 127th annual Range Call Celebration. The schedule of events starts next Tuesday, July 3, with something planned for everyone’s enjoyment through Sunday, July 8. This is the first time the concert, this year featuring Shooter Jennings, will be held at Ute Park west of town. I can’t wait to hear the sound bouncing off China Wall.
The Range Call committee has volunteered hundreds of hours and more to come and the best way we can support the committee’s efforts is to attend the events and bring your family!