Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Believe

Did anyone watch the Broncos’ playoff game Sunday last? How much fun was that? (If I were texting this to someone, I would have added a 🙂 after the question marks because sometimes a simple smiley face is a great response, especially if you have a good idea but are not sure of the correct answer.)
It is amazing what can happen when a group of people come together and believe in a common goal. It’s fun to watch the results and even more fun when you are part of the group that believes.
“Believe” is all the young Denver Bronco quarterback asks of those around him. Keep trying. The message is so simple, it’s hard, but when you do it, anything can happen.
Tim Tebow has made it fun and exciting to be a Denver Bronco fan again and I like his style! He believes, as he says before every interview, “first and foremost” in his “Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” his teammates, coaches, fans and family and is just “having fun.”
So am I and when I get become doubtful, I try to pay attention to the signs around me. I got one on the opening kickoff of last week’s playoff game. When Matt Prater kicked the ball, it hit the goal post, ricocheted back onto the field and came to rest on the left hash mark at the 20 yard line untouched by player or official. I had never seen that happen before.
“Ok Pittsburgh, you get the ball first and start right here, play ball,” the sign in my mind read.
There were other signs during the game and then there was the finish.
Pittsburgh captains call the coin flip (tails), it lands heads, Denver elects to receive. Never before had a NFL playoff game been played under the newly adopted rules which were explained by the referee before the coin toss. Under the new rules, both teams would be allowed to possess the ball, unless the offense or defense scored a touchdown.
Denver gets the ball on the 20 and before announcer Jim Nance could say, “Denver has played in three overtimes this season and won them all,” Tebow had thrown a quick slant to Damaryius Thomas, 80 yards and 11 seconds later Denver won the game!
Denver will now play the New England Patriots as 13.5 point underdogs. I’m glad they are going to go ahead and play the game and see what happens.
I, too, believe first and foremost in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (I’m a little ashamed that I’m a little embarrassed to write it but like Tebow, I shouldn’t be) and I believe in those around me. I also believe we live in the greatest country in the world and in my humble opinion we live in the greatest county.
I’ve seen signs of others believing the same way and I’m exciting about being on team, doing what I can to help accomplish our common goals, having fun and enjoying the journey of life up and down el Rio Blanco.
Believe. 🙂