Up and down el Rio Blanco: Get tougher

Get tougher,” my wife told me after I shared some more constructive criticism about my reporting skills, (or lack thereof) from a local reader.
My wife is not the first woman to tell me to “get tougher,” my mom raised five kids. Anyone who can, or has given birth can tell me to “get tougher.” I know that means I need to stop whining and keep trying, which is what I will do.
I really do appreciate the criticism, because I love my life and the Herald Times and hopefully the input will make the paper better.
I enjoy covering social happenings and sporting events and I will work harder to get the facts out about “news” stories in our county.
Knowing my limitations, I try to surround myself with successful people and I’m thankful to all who contribute their writing and photography skills and of course our advertisers, to fill the pages of the Herald Times.
I accept that I can’t please everyone but I know when I see articles or photos from the Herald Times posted on bulletin boards, in scrapbooks or stuck on refrigerators, the reader got his or her 50 cents worth. That motivates me to keep trying.
I just need to get tougher—duh!