Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Oops!

Here’s to hoping everyone had a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving.
I need to apologize to some very special women in my life for not mentioning them in my column last week, I have no excuse but I’m sorry.
I am very thankful for my sister, or should I say sisters. I have a younger full-blooded sister named Priscilla who lives in Washington state and another woman I consider my sister since my folks raised her from the time she was 4 until she was graduated from high school. My cousin Margie, who is currently caring for my mom in Pueblo (my mom is fine and I appreciate people asking me about her), is as close to a blood sister as one could get. When trying to explain this relationship to my daughter when she was very young, I told her, “Your Grampa Bob and Uncle Jesse (Margie’s dad) were brothers and your Gramma Rose and Aunt Corrine (Margie’s mom) are sisters,” I’ll never forget my daughter asking me, “Isn’t that illegal, Daddy?”
Which brings me to the other young lady I am so thankful for, yet forgot to mention last week, my daughter’s daughter, my only granddaughter Brookelynn Jolie. Sorry Boo, I love you.

Continuing to be thankful, I was thankful for Bob Thompson’s “brilliant technical presentation,” as  Frank Cooley described the soils report given at Tuesday’s special school board meeting. The foundation at the new elementary school is fine and with a final review and necessary design adjustments made, repairs by The Neenan Company will begin soon.

I was thankful to hear, when talking to several business owners in Meeker and Rangely, most reported increased business last Saturday, which was promoted nationally as Small Business Saturday.

Last and certainly not least, I’m thankful winter high school athletes will begin competing today and I’m thankful for companies like White River Electric Association who is sponsoring basketball tournaments in Meeker the next two weeks, featuring both our county’s boys’ and girls’ teams. Hope to see you all at the WREA Cowboy Shootout.