Vernal and Dinosaur Monument add two fun-loving dinosaurs to play with

DINOSAUR I Vernal, Utah, is launching a multimedia marketing campaign featuring the antics of two new fun-loving dinosaurs, Vern and Al, as they discover adventures in and around Dinosaur National Monument.

The campaign rolls out on April 4 and is centered around the adventures of Vern, the sensible pterodactyl, and his bumbling friend Al, the allosaurus. The two meet on a rafting expedition along the Green River and continue to discover a world of adventure as they explore all that the Dinosaur National Monument area has to offer.
“The Origin of Adventure campaign is a fresh and innovative way to bring to life Vernal’s famous dinosaurs,” said Lesha Coltharp, tourism director of the Uintah County Travel and Tourism Office. “It will highlight all that this area has to offer in a truly unique and fun way.”
The launch will kick off with an interactive social media campaign geared toward promoting a fun, educational opportunity for kids. A Dinosaurland scavenger hunt will have families exploring Dinosaur National Monument to take photos at certain sites and win a free treat from the local favorite, The Little Sweet Pea.
“All the local hotels, restaurants, museums and visitor centers will be equipped to hand out postcards explaining the scavenger hunt,” Coltharp said. “The cards will have a photo of the two dinosaurs so kids will feel like they are on their own adventure with Vern and Al.”
The first of Vern and Al’s many escapades throughout Dinosaurland will be recorded in a short children’s book. Families will be able to pick up free copies at visitor centers and hotels throughout Vernal. The book will be the introduction to a series of short stories centered around these two characters.

“The whole community has gotten involved with this effort,” Coltharp said. “It’s so fun to see the excitement behind this campaign because we know what a great opportunity this will be for kids and families alike.”