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A pink and feathery migration has been making its way all around lawns in Meeker. These flamingo flocks are Sydney and Morgan Keetch’s creative fundraiser for the 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip. Their mom Nikki Keetch told the HT, “We’ve had to come up with clever ways to raise money to send not only one but two kids to DC. It’s important for us to have them work to earn their trip and to see the value of hard work pay off.” This July, Sydney and Morgan Keetch are offering their flocking services to you. For a small donation, you can send a flock of the Keetch’s flamingos to any local lawn of your choice. The flamingos are sneakily placed, and will remain there for two days. Want to prevent being flocked by your friends? They also offer flocking insurance to prevent a flock from ever stepping on your lawn. As Nikki said, “It is donation-based so any amount is appreciated.” Most recently, according to Nikki, Clea Steerman was flocked, which she posted a picture of on Facebook. She returned the favor by sending a flock to Mr. Lane. Jamie Rogers was also flocked recently, and sent a flock of her own to the Green Cabins. Have a lawn in mind to flock? Have you been flocked and want to return the favor? You can message Nikki Keetch at 970-901-4833 to get involved. Happy flocking!