Women repeat victory in annual Rangely Cup

RANGELY — The fourth annual Rangely Cup matches were held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a duel between the men and women golfers with play set up similar to the Ryder Cup match play format. Each match is worth one point and in the event of a tie, players split for half a point each.
Friday night the women were serious, wanting to defend their 2007 cup. The first contest was a best ball. Teams of two paired up against one another, battling each hole for the best net ball score.
June “The Terminator” Dotson, along with teammate Leilanie Morgan won a close match against Robby and Ryan Elam. Marc Blake and Mark Skelton squeaked by Janet Mackay and Trilby Elam while Teresa Broderick and teammate Linda Gordon beat Craig Wright and his son Travis. Bryan Mackay and Bernie Shafer had a chance against Lavella Justus and Donna Hayden, but fell and the women went up 3 to 1 on the Friday night scoreboard.
Saturday the men started a comeback in the tough alternating shot competition. Robby Elam and Marc Blake beat Linda Gordon and Janet Mackay. Lavella Justus and Trilby Elam won their match against Scott Hejl and Bryan Mackay. June Dotson and Donna Hayden also fared well against Chris Hejl and Terry Richardson, but Clark Edwards and Rick Brady won against Teresa Broderick and Leilanie Morgan and prevented a run away in the points. The men tied the alternate shot 2-2, keeping the women within reach for the afternoon four-ball best ball.
Saturday afternoon the men failed to gain control of the score though when they hung in tough and tied 2-2 again. The score going into Sunday was 7-5 in favor of the women.
The women didn’t steal all of the points going into the final round on Sunday, like last year when they swept the alternating shot competition. The women only won two of four matches and tied one.
Sunday afternoon was the the biggest event of the weekend and also the final chance for the men to take the competition who were down 9.5-6.5.
Even though the men scored 7 and the women only 5, it wasn’t enough. Before the 18-hole competition began, Linda Gordon had remarked to the women to not make it come down to the last hole on the last match again.
And it did.
Gordon found herself playing against Robby Morgan. The two pushed the hole and ended in a tie.
The final was 14.5 to 13.5 in favor of the Cedar Ridges’ women.
“We were lucky to beat the guys, that’s for sure,” Teresa Broderick stated. “They played tough and it came down to the 28th match.”
“All the girls played really good,” club president Donna Hayden said. “They did what it took.”
The men’s club president declined to comment, all in good fun though.
Next up for Cedar Ridges Golf Course is the Couples Classic two-day event Aug. 2-3. Please call the pro shop at 675-8403 to sign up.