CNCC Spring Community Education

MEEKER | Happy Spring! It is time to take advantage of the art offerings, personal, and food safety classes starting very soon. April 13: Plein Air Painting Warmup—a one day opportunity with Pat Daggett to try your hand at this art experience. April 6: Sketching Our Landmarks—get out with Pat Daggett and sketch our historical buildings and landmarks. April 8: True Colors Workshop—personality analysis for personal and professional relationships. May 2: Food Safety Training to certify food service workers—9-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m. May 9: Cottage Food Training to certify persons operating a food business from a home kitchen: 9 a.m. to noon or2-5 p.m. Register online at, degrees and program, community education, Meeker classes. Click at left on registration form. Stop by the office at 345 Sixth St. on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, call 878-5227, or email