Letter: Another tree removed

Dear Editor:
A very old and beautiful conifer south of the Fairfield complex on Market Street was being cut down and removed last week.
When I asked the tree cutter “why?” he said the tree was dying due to having a part of its roots being cut when they excavated to pour concrete next to the roadway to install the concrete sidewalk more than a year ago.
There did not appear to be any brown or falling needles on branches that I could see and the branches looked very green and healthy like the adjacent trees.
Some conservation-minded towns are very supportive of old growth conifers and are even designated as a “Tree City USA” for that effort.
Only a year ago six of the nine historic conifers were felled for the less than attractive data center addition (northeast side east of the courthouse). The addition is composed of an architectural hodgepodge of tan sandstone and brown concrete block and is used for the utility hardware and generator complex there.
This is (in my opinion) very poorly conceived design that detracts from the Park Avenue historic district eligible contributing structures and residences that are a part of the soon-to-be-approved national historic district.
Leaving the trees would have greatly helped mask the view of that appendage and help to damp the sound from the noisy equipment which neighbors have already complained about.
Bob Amick