Letter: Rangely Animal Shelter praised

I would like to publicly thank the ladies who work at the Rangely Animal Shelter. Last year they had close to 300 animals come through the shelter and they found homes for all the homeless. Kay Nickson is the shelter manager and she runs a tight ship. Kay makes sure she is in the know on all of the new policies and state laws, and on top of being right there with the rest of them scrubbing and disinfecting and sharing the love from the furry friends who are fortunate to cross these ladies’ paths. I have never been in the shelter that it didn’t look clean and smell great. Fern Arnn, Jeanette Justus, Heidi Yardley, Julie Lohr and Linda Farney are all devoted to the animals and do their best to find homes for them. Whether it’s transporting an animal or on the Internet looking for homes or whatever it happens to be, spending lots of extra time and hours, these ladies go the extra mile and don’t mind doing it.
I have lived in several states, and Rangely Animal Shelter is one of the cleanest and most organized shelters that I have ever seen. They have their own charity group called Furry Friends, which they use for helping others. Good job, ladies. Thank you for being honest, hard working, caring and compassionate. You make Rangely proud.
Vicky Pfennig