Letter: Second Hand Store closing

After failed attempts to keep the store running while I was gone on an errand, I decided to close the store. Rumors were circulating so quickly, so I want to eliminate them. This year I am saying goodbye to chaos and focusing on the quality of life (health and happiness) for my family. This month, I knew I had to sit down and evaluate my store, myself and other life-altering problems. The one way to do this is by stepping out of the picture for a short time. It’s uncomfortable, but a necessary step.
I had several plans (three to be exact, for the store) that were altered continuously due to the information that I received from the volunteers. My last and final plan was to move the store to the front, as a re-design, giving me the chance to re-use furniture and household items with a Euro twist. I love painting and anything that has to do with art. I was going to minimize the store by moving to the front and eliminating the back, because it was a location that didn’t allow for growth. Then at a later time re-open the back.
The last person who offered to take the reins of the store became overwhelmed and it was the final straw. Stepping back and reviewing the situation made me realize that I am going to have to make a difficult decision. I was disappointed that I put a lot of effort and hard work into the store. My current commitment, which opened up a great opportunity, allows me to answer the health issues of my family, which required me to stay in Denver, so I wasn’t able to run back and fix the problem.
I want to thank you for your help and also wish The Bakery only the best. (I saw them on 9 News.) You went out of your way to help so many people. I had asked the volunteers to send over some of the nice items in the store. I hope you got them.
The last of the consignments were notified by e-mail or by phone, to get the last of the items from Lily and Jeremiah. They would have to call to make arrangements. The store, from what I understand, was cleared by the three volunteers who picked up all the clothes for the homeless shelters. And there should only be a small amount of items, but I haven’t heard back, so I am hoping someone calls me so I can make arrangements for a final clean up.
December was the month that would allow me to re-evaluate the store’s success and the quality of life for my family. The timing for everything that happened was not what I had hoped.
Lorna Von Wetzel
Second Hand Store, Meeker