Letter to the Editor: Return to sender

Dear Editor:
You don’t know me, but I’m the little birthday card that got lost. I was mailed here in Meeker to a 90-year-old lady who has lived here all of her life. When I got taken to the Meeker Post Office, my sender didn’t know her friend’s address, but since she had been here 90 years, she had the lady that took it in for her ask to have her friend’s address put on the envelope. She had a “?” where the box number should go. She was hoping that the post office could put the number on the envelope and put it in her box. Wrong. My sender talked to her 90-year-old friend and found out that it never got to her. So my sender called the Meeker Post Office and found out that requesting to put numbers on the envelopes, “we can’t do that anymore.”
So now I am in the Dead Letter Box in Atlanta, Ga., or at least I think that is where I am, I don’t really know. My sender asked the post office why I wasn’t returned to her and she was told that there was no return address in the upper left hand corner.  Oops … it was on the back flap! So, I guess it was easier and cheaper to send me to this Dead Letter Box in Atlanta, than to turn me over and return me to my sender.
So, just a word to the wise, if you send a letter through the postal service anymore, the days of small town ways are gone and make sure you know your box number and please put your return address in the upper left hand corner, or your letter will end up with me and all the thousands of others just like me. So, now I’m just setting in here with all these other dead letters … I guess that’s why it costs so much to send a letter anymore. Gee, wish it was like in the old days. Sigh …
Bev Shaw