Letter to the Editor: Town of Meeker clean-up too tough on some residents

Dear Editor:
Last week, some friends of ours received a notice in their mailbox from the Town of Meeker. The notice threatened them with a $1,000 fine and/or 30 days in jail if they did not cut their grass within the next 15 days.

They are both seniors, on oxygen, in poor health and one of them is a veteran. They physically cannot cut their grass and they live on Social Security, which does not leave them any money to hire someone to cut it for them. Their family does not live in the area and their church family seems to be missing in action also.
When I contacted a representative from the town government, he said there could not/would not be any exceptions made for anyone. I understand how making exceptions could turn into a slippery slope, but, in this case, one size does not fit all.
I believe the Meeker government has gone too far. What about asking people nicely before sending them threatening letters? What about good will and helping your neighbor out?
I can understand that trash, tall grass and weeds are a problem and some people are just too busy or lazy to mow their lawns, but there should be exceptions made for seniors and disabled veterans.
Is the Town of Meeker really going to put an 80-year-old couple in jail for not cutting their grass?
Instead of putting old people in jail, why not send the able-bodied people who are already in jail and quite possibly deserve to be there, out to mow the lawns, allowing them to do community service, especially for our older/sicker community members? That might work into a win-win for everyone. Who knows?
Shame on you, Town of Meeker government, for treating people in this deplorable way!
Lois Sampson