Letter: Uninformed rumors

Dear Editor:

I have heard of persons or a person who is spreading rumors regarding Reed Kelley’s unaffiliated “cure” petition. They simply don’t understand the process for an unaffiliated candidate.

An unaffiliated candidate cannot add or change signatures on the original petition.  That petition is kept as an election record in my office. However, they can take an additional petition form to get enough signatures to meet the sufficiency number.  Those signatures can be from voters who did not sign the original petition or whose signatures were rejected on the original.

As Rio Blanco County Clerk, my job is to get the facts straight and follow the law. These facts come from Secretary of State’s personnel who I contacted by email and by phone regarding this process.

Whoever you are, please contact me to get the facts before spreading or starting uninformed and untrue rumors regarding the election process or anything else we do in my office. Facts matter!

Boots M. Campbell

Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder