Letter: Wilhelm seeking state House seat

Dear Editor:

Recently we on the Western Slope experienced a major problem in governing during our time. A problem of blaming instead of finding solutions. When I am elected, I will work to find solutions to our common issues.

In his article on Jan. 13, Mr. Tipton would rather play the blame game than to talk about solutions. Aren’t you sick of politicians that don’t bring solutions to the issues of the day, but instead seek to blame? When they play the blame game, they seek to divide us along party lines. I am running for HD 57 to build a bridge of unity. I am placing myself out there as the first brick in this bridge. To build this bridge I need your help. I need the help of every member of our great society to open up their minds, to tell their solutions, to listen to the solutions of others. We as a society need to have discussions about politics so that we can create the individual bricks to build the bridge to solve our common problems with common solutions.

Mr. Tipton claims that it was the State Legislature that is causing our local coal plants to close. This is a naïve viewpoint that doesn’t solve any issues. Additionally, it is just incorrect. The Mine isn’t closing for a single reason; but for multiple reasons. I believe that instead of blaming people for our economic conditions and the closing coal plant, we need to work together to bring about solutions to diversify our economy.

We must embrace this economic transition. That means our local and state governments working with stakeholders to retain our carbon fuel jobs for as long as we can, all while creating new jobs in multiple fields, thereby preserving our communities for our children and their children, in the future.

We need to lean on our natural resources to bring about new jobs. This means focusing on many new fields, not just on energy production. I would propose new projects, the likes of which we haven’t seen in Moffat County, projects like the creation of head water reservoirs that will serve multiple purposes. First, the actual job of building these will bring about new jobs, and open up new recreational opportunities for locals and tourists alike. A major benefit of this project is, we get to retain this water for the benefit of the Western Slope because headwaters cannot be sent to Denver or the Front Range.

I have many other ideas about how to further the economic diversification of the 57th District, and would be happy to share them with each and every one of you, but I also want to hear your ideas and your solutions. This means that your voice will make a difference. Please, please feel free to share your ideas with me so that I can understand and make an effort to make a difference in your life. Email me at colinwilhelmforcolorado@yahoo.com and I promise you will be heard.

Colin Wilhelm

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s Note: Colin Wilhelm announced his candidacy for the Colorado House 57th District seat currently held by Rep. Perry Will in November. For more information visit colincaresforcolorado.com

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