Letters to the Editor: January 15

Dear Editor,
Tax notices are being printed and processed this week; they will be mailed to property owners by Jan. 23. If you do not receive your tax notice, please call the treasurer’s office at 878-9660. We will verify your mailing address and send a duplicate copy to you.
Taxpayers who have their mortgage company escrow the taxes in their monthly payments do not need to send tax payments. Payments are accepted “first come;” therefore, if a homeowner and their mortgage company both send a payment in, the mortgage company will receive the refund.
If you have recently gone through the closing process for refinancing or purchasing a property, please check with your closing agent to verify who is responsible for paying taxes.
There are two payment options: Either first and second half or full payment. Partial payments are not accepted. This year, the first half payment is due March 2 and the second half payment is due June 15. If paying in full, the total is due April 30. Postmarks are considered timely payment. Only one notice is sent, so if you are paying by first and second half, remember to pay the second half by June 15.
The treasurer’s office is always a year in arrears. We are now receipting 2008 taxes due in 2009.
Some areas of the county had an increase in their mill levies due to taxing districts de-brucing, values changing and bonds passing.
Karen Arnold
Rio Blanco County treasurer

Dear Editor,
The Meals on Wheels program is currently looking for donations. The Meals on Wheels program is a non-profit program that enables the citizens of Rangely to receive a hot meal once a day during the week. Through this program we are able to feed, not only the elderly and disabled, but also the at-risk people of the community. We have been able to provide meals to those citizens that are on a tight fixed income through the generosity of the people that live in this community.
We would greatly appreciate any, and all, financial help that you may be able to provide.
During these financially unstable times it is so important for us to be able to continue to provide meals. With your donations we are able to provide meals to citizens that are on a tight fixed income. Through the generosity of the people that live in this community we know that we will always be able to continue this enriching program.
If you have any questions or need to find out how to use this program to you benefit please call me at (970) 675–5016 ext 156.
Thank you,
Dee Dee Rouse

Dear Editor,
The tax notice you receive this January from the Rio Blanco County treasurer will reflect values set by the Rio Blanco County assessor during the 2007 reappraisal period of Jan. 1, 2005-June 30, 2006 whereby sales were used to define the values. Therefore, unless you had changes to your property, the actual and assessed property values on your tax notice may be the same as they were in 2007. The tax dollar amount will be different, however, because the mill levies set by the Board of County Commissioners change yearly.
Property owners will receive a Notice of Valuation (NOV) from the assessor by May 1, 2009. By law, the assessor values property every other year. The value on your NOV will reflect the 2009 reappraisal period whereby sales from Jan. 1, 2007-June 30, 2008 are being used to define property values. Changes in value on your 2009 Notice of Valuation will be reflected on the tax bill you receive from the Rio Blanco County treasurer in January 2010; and, again, mill levy changes can also contribute to a change in tax dollars due.
Although property values are decreasing across the country, northwest Colorado is not experiencing the same decline.
Renae T. Neilson
Rio Blanco County assessor