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haroldtymes4cWith the first month of 2010 speeding to a close, have you thrown your resolutions out the window? Pick up those goals and get back on the ball!
The phrase “put something on the ball” referred to a baseball pitcher using a spin, or unusual speed, in a pitch. By the 1930s it was used in slang to describe someone who was alert, capable, and responsible.
You had to applaud the idea Steve Wix shared with our esteemed editor last week about getting rid of the national finance troubles. Especially if you’re 50 years old or older. If you missed it, check Jeff’s column last week. Can anyone think of a reason why it wouldn’t work?
The country (for the most part) has been actively praying and sending aid for the country of Haiti, which was devastated by a severe earthquake last week. Some folks have insinuated that Haiti deserved the disaster, and others have suggested we shouldn’t send any kind of help when our own country is struggling. Strong opinions emerge in a difficult time.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Martin family.
Happy birthday to Eva Scritchfield, Charlie Day, Carter Strate and Patrick Walsh, Jan. 22; Justin Giao, Jan. 23; Cliff Chapin, Sam Hightower, Bob Carden, David Henderson and Terry Thompson, Jan. 24; Artie Parr, Jan. 25; Melanie McKee, Jan. 26; Earl Stout, Makaila Etchart and Bonnie Kracht, Jan. 27.
Happy anniversary to Web and Kristine Frantz, Jan. 25; and Tom and Kay Theos, Jan. 27.
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