Looking Back: Whatever happened to the Rio Theater?

Have you ever had an extended conversation with anyone who has spent their entire life here?

Different reasons for living in Meeker

MEEKER — In all of the uproar about the community’s questionable welcoming spirit to the oil, gas and construction workers, one thing is never truly addressed. The often unspoken common view that the town is filled with people who choose to live here (or should choose to live here) permeates the small town atmosphere and […]

Looking Back: Old-time ingenuity came in handy

MEEKER — One of the western character traits that typified area settlers was ingenuity. Not only did a settler have to be persistent and resilient to survive the hard times, he or she had to come up with unique solutions for obstacles that arose daily. Reading the family histories of the area always amazes me, […]

Playtime in smalltown

MEEKER — Early morning walks often reveal strange sights in a small town. Long handled tool in hand, the woman was heading over to a cluster of trees shading the ditch. She seemed to be in no particular hurry. Wondering what wild growing thing she could be tending, I asked, “What are you working on […]

Volunteers pop unexpectedly

MEEKER — When have you ever heard anyone claim there are just too many volunteers to use them all? Never before, but this year around town with the long winter holding off spring, a different kind of volunteer is brightening up people’s lives.

Why did you move to town?

MEEKER — Why did you move here? The second most-asked question of newcomers is no longer overheard much in front of the post office.

Why did you move to town?

MEEKER — Why did you move here? The second most-asked question of newcomers is no longer overheard much in front of the post office. With all of the new faces in town, the assumption that the low unemployment rate has something to do with the influx is usually correct. While there still seem to be […]

Looking Back: Old-time fiddling fun

MEEKER — Once again, the annual Old-Timers’ Dinner and Dance will host the remembrances of those who grew up in the valley, including the many dances and valley get-togethers.

Looking Back: Everyone knew everyone’s name

MEEKER — Tracing a name back to the early days of our town isn’t difficult, as there are still quite a few of the descendants of the pioneers living here.

Loose Ends: Idle chit-chat and other time fillers

MEEKER — Cultural mores and traditions continue to vary across different sections of the country, and the rate of one’s speech patterns are often attributed to one’s geographical origin.

Looking Back: One pioneer remembrance in granite

MEEKER — There are sights throughout every community that most people take for granted but when newcomers ask about its origin, not many people seem to know the real story. The courthouse rock is one of those objects. It was placed there more than 59 years ago on July 7, 1949, to honor the original […]

Loose Ends: Leaving room for hope

MEEKER — “The sooner, the better,” the deep voice squawked through the airwaves as I made my early morning trudge to the recreation center. I couldn’t imagine why I heard these words of wisdom on the day I was mulling over all of the things I didn’t want to do; procrastinating, eventually putting most of […]