Favorite places

October 22, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER I Getting out in the great outdoors has been the remedy of choice for so many of us during the pandemic. Even some of my friends and family, who never seemed to make the […]


Putting up memories

October 17, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER I As the weekend trips into the high country to see the sight of the fall colors come to an end, spotting a friend’s kitchen counter collection of glass canning jars brought me up […]


Loose Ends: Jeans

September 17, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER I I recently wore a pair of my favorite jeans and was worried that they didn’t look quite the same after a long hiatus in my closet. Sweatpants had replaced them at the beginning […]


Loose Ends: Language lessons

July 22, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER I Recently, the realization that I had better brush up on a second language (before traveling overseas again) dawned on me. Trying to speak with the wide variety of people I meet is always […]


Loose Ends: No “normal”

July 17, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | Range Call is done for the year. Its success should be seen as a positive indication that Meeker is on the way to a somewhat regular routine. The Delta variant of COVID-19 had […]


Loose Ends: Wildflowers

July 8, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | The lethargy brought on every afternoon by these increasingly hot days used to hit us all later in the summer, but this year’s Dog Days of Summer hit so much earlier. While the […]


Loose Ends: The Great Divide

May 10, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER I Recognizing and acknowledging “The Great Divide” between our Front Range and Western Slope residents is only the first step toward moving forward to opening our communities in the next few weeks. The social […]


A place at the table

May 2, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | Finding a “place at the table” in participating in Colorado’s legislative process was all important at the beginning of our conversations about finding solutions to statewide issues. Eventually how that place was occupied […]


Loose Ends: Hospitality

April 27, 2021 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | Ever find yourself stranded on the highway late at night and more than one person stops to lend a hand? Stuck without a ride to go to an appointment in the neighboring community? […]

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