Sales, tax revenue down 20 percent

RBC I Sales and use tax revenue remained low during the fourth quarter of 2011 across the board for Meeker, Rangely and Rio Blanco County.

Rangely sales tax revenue up

RBC I Ask pretty much anybody about the economy in 2011 and they’ll tell you it has been a rough year, even for the government. For the third quarter in a row, reported revenue from sales tax, motor vehicle use tax, and construction and building material use tax continue to be lower than 2010 numbers.

Second quarter tax receipts remain below 2010 numbers

RBC I The town of Meeker bore the brunt of a reduction in sales and use tax receipts for the second quarter of 2011, reporting a 32.9 percent reduction from $406,357 in the same period in 2010, to $272,677 in 2011.