One way to find food that is buried under the deep snow is to look up into the trees as these two mule deer does are doing at the intersection of Fourth and Park streets in Rangely. Deep snow throughout both ends of Rio Blanco County have the deer looking to trees and shrubs they can reach as anything sprouting from the ground remains hidden under feet of snow.

Taxpayers can aid Colorado wildlife with state tax checkoff

RBC I Help threatened and endangered wildlife with a voluntary contribution to the “Non-game and Endangered Wildlife Cash Fund” on your 2015 Colorado tax returns through the income tax checkoff.

Fast food…


It’s nice when the mother deer, above, can reach right up to the bird feeder to get some chow off the dinner plate, as is the case here at a residence in Rangely. But when it comes to feeding the kids, below, mom has to do a little bit more work and knock the seeds […]

Elk—1, Car—0…


Feb. 25 was a lucky night for a wandering elk, but not so much for Becky Davis, who was traveling northbound on Highway 139 around mile marker 48 when she had to turn her vehicle hard to keep from hitting an elk. She said that before she could correct herself, the car rolled, landing on […]

On the march…


Not a common sight, this large herd of pronghorns was seen Sunday afternoon at mile marker 60 along Highway 64, east of Rio Blanco Lake. There were 50 to 60 does and bucks in the group, which was walking about 50 yards north of the highway.

Caution: Coyote activity increases in the winter

RBC I With recent media reports of pet conflicts in the Denver area, Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to remind state residents that coyote activity increases in winter, as coyotes pair up to breed.

Dinosaur seeks comments about removal of park mountain goats

DINO I The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input on a draft management plan to restrict or remove exotic Rocky Mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus, herein referred to as mountain goats) in Dinosaur National Monument, located in northwest Colorado and northeast Utah.

Weather raises concerns for wildlife survival in state

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers in the state’s Northwest Region say the most recent blast of snow and frigid temperatures has created conditions similar to some of the most extreme winters in the state during the past 35 years.

Fast food…


With snow covering some of the deer forage in the wild, this small group of deer thoroughly enjoys the low-hanging access to bird food at this bird feeder, just outside a door on the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely.

Snow deer…


With snow every day or every other day, the mulies are liking the food available in downtown Meeker. This 4×4 buck was one of many Saturday that could be seen walking the streets and alleys in Meeker, trying to get close to some vegetation to eat. It is a now a daily occurrence to see […]

Buck out and about …


This big buck used the terrain and some thin fence posts to blend his antlers into the background while wandering just outside of Meeker along Highway 13 on Dec. 18. With the hunting threat over, the bucks seem to know they are safe wandering around.

Dogs and wildlife not a good mix

RBC I We live in a visual candyland here in Colorado, and dog owners love nothing more than getting out into the natural beauty with their dogs. What’s wrong with that? On the surface, it’s a great thing to get exercise for dog and owner. Unfortunately, there is often one thing missing on the trails—the […]