Winter wildlife…


Enjoying the sunshine just after Saturday morning’s fog lifted was this group of does along with about seven other does and one lone buck. The deer were gathered in a field about 50 yards off Highway 13 south of Meeker and seemed calm enough to know that hunting season was over and that they should […]

Think of wildlife when decorating outdoors

RBC I As the holiday season nears and decorations begin to adorn houses, yards and trees, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds the public to decorate with wildlife safety in mind.

Watch out for game on county roads

RBC I Wildlife may not have to wrestle with changing the time on their microwave oven, but the weather and human clock changes can pose some challenges for animals moving to lower elevations in advance of the coming winter.

Dual elk…


These two bull elk were spotted along a ridge about 20 miles west of Rangely,

Pheasant along the road…


This male ring-necked pheasant appeared a little out of place at mile marker 38 high up on County Road 8 on Saturday. A pair of unconcerned males was walking quite unconcerned up one side of the road about a mile past Missouri Creek. Usually, pheasants are not considered high-altitude birds.

Large deer…

Perhaps eating leaves helps deer build strong bodies, but between these three bucks there are at least 22 antler points, not counting brow tines. The three big bucks were spotted this past weekend eating the leaves of a tree that had been downed by lightning or high winds in Meeker.

Bears close national monument …


Several recent sightings of black bears near where visitors travel have caused the closure of two campgrounds at Dinosaur National Monument until further notice. The bears present a danger to visitors, and safety precautions are being taken.

All wildlife but deer appear to be doing well in county

RBC I Nearly all wildlife in Rio Blanco County is doing quite well following a wet spring, and some species are doing so well that they may be contributing to the decrease in number of area mule deer.

CPW, Shell, Elk Foundation join in survey of area’s elk

RBC I The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Shell Exploration and Production are jointly funding a project to study and better understand the behaviors and movement of elk that occupy habitat near areas of oil and gas exploration and development.

Growing deer…


Not overly worried about the strange creature taking her photo, this doe mule deer remained unruffled for at least an hour, preferring to stay cool while laid out in this planter box. This photo was taken in the early evening recently in the Sage Hills Subdivision, just north of Meeker.

Sandhill crane…


Most sandhill cranes live in freshwater wetlands, feeding on plants, grains, mice, snakes, insects and worms.

Canada geese…


These two Canada geese enjoyed lounging in the sun and grass in the Bel-Air area off County Road 8 over the weekend.