Tax revenue falls in March

RBC — Sales and use tax receipts, which include collected taxes for retail sales, motor vehicle use tax and building materials use tax, were down in March for the county.
Revenue was higher for the towns of Meeker and Rangely, however, when compared to last year’s numbers.
For the county, revenue decreased by 39.5 percent from the same period in 2007, down from $879,937 to $532,188 in 2008.
The Town of Meeker reported an increase from $99,656 to $112,343, a 12.7 percent rise. The Town of Rangely had an increase of 66.7 percent, from $74,041 to $123,400.
The three county entities reported $767,931 in March 2008, a combined 27.1 percent decrease from March 2008’s reported $1,053,634.
Rio Blanco County Sales and Use Tax Administrator Debbie Morlan said these numbers are unaudited and subject to change.