Letter to the Editor: 1913 school house restoration project

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to residents of the Rangely and other parts of Rio Blanco County.
We want to extend a huge “thank you” to all who have donated toward the 1913 school house foundation restoration project at Rangely Museum.
We are in hopes that the work on the foundation will begin soon. Thus far, we have collected $11,995, but we are still in need of approximately $4,000 to finish the project.
Anything you can give is very much appreciated. You can send your tax deductible donations to: Rangely Museum, PO Box 131, Rangely, Colo., 81648.
This school house is a very important part of Rangely’s history and was opened as the first museum in 1975. This school house originally sat between Professional Touch and Napa Auto Parts on the north side of Main. From there, it was moved to the high school, where it was used as the band room.
Later, the building was moved to the Town Park, where it was opened as a canteen for the kids, and it sat next to the old outdoor pool at the east end of the park, where the large gazebo is now. At that location it was later turned into the first museum.
In 1985, the museum was moved to the triangle park at the west end of town called Hefley Park.
In 1995, it was moved to its permanent location here at the Rangely Outdoor Museum, located at the east end of town off of Kennedy Drive.
The 1913 school house was then joined with the Chevron Recreation Hall, a Chevron Camp House and the old Wolf Canyon School along with Rangely’s first jail and other outdoor exhibits.
We hope you will help us preserve this building. Anything you can help with would be wonderful. We look forward to hearing from you.
The Rangely Outdoor Museum
Board and Staff