2010-11 supply list for Rangely RE-1 schools

RANGELY I All students will be assigned a locker in which to store their backpacks, coats, etc. Please make sure that backpacks are of average size, so as to fit in a locker. If purchasing supplies poses a financial burden, donated supplies are available at Parkview.

Kindergarten supply list
*Backpack with child’s name inside — average size, not small, not giant, no wheels (Please make sure your child can open and close it by themselves; have them try zippers and buckles)
3-ring binder (plain plastic, 1 1/2 size; not small, not too big) with name (We do not need filler paper or spiral notebooks or scissors)
Do not write the student’s name on the following items, they will be shared:
1 box crayons (16-24 colors)
1 package washable markers (regular size, not skinny)
1 package dry erase markers (4 colors)
2 packages gallon-size ziplock baggies with plastic slide locks; not expandable-bottom baggies)
1 package napkins
1 box tissue
3 containers wet wipes or refills
1 roll 400-speed 35 mm film
Quart-size ziplock baggies with plastic slide locks
Package of colored pencils
Package plain lead pencils
Clorox-type wipes
Package of paper plates
* If purchasing supplies poses a financial burden, Parkview has donated supplies available.

First grade supply list
NOTE: Please mark the items that have an asterisk (*) with your child’s name.
School supply box (cigar box size)*
2 dozen No. 2 pencils, 2 of them sharpened
Two 4-ounce washable white school glue
2 folders with pockets at bottom (the heavier ones work best)*
1 folder with prongs
2 pink 2-3 inch erasers (not pencil tip)
1 large box tissue to share
12 glue sticks
1 box washable markers*
1 box colored pencils, optional
2 boxes 16-count crayons*
1 box ziplock freezer bags, gallon size (not the storage bags; the freezer
bags are stronger)
1 pair of 4-inch pointed-tip student scissors*
1 package cheap napkins
4 small-point dry erase markers
One pair of headphones for use at computer center*
$10 for film, film processing and cartridge replacement for pictures
SNACKS: You will be asked to furnish a snack for 2 weeks during the year for your child’s class. Please keep snacks simple. We ask that you send items that do not require cutting or a lot of preparation and that can be passed out quickly. You will receive notices of your snack week as new rotations become necessary. Please keep it for further reference. The success of our snack time depends on the consistency and cooperation of parents.

Second grade supply list
3 large boxes of tissue
2 small pencil boxes (large ones do not fit in desks)
1 box crayons
1 box colored pencils
1 watercolor set
1 box markers
6 glue sticks
5 No. 2 pencils for personal use
1 small hand held pencil sharpener for desk
2 packages of 24 (No. 2) pencils for classroom use
1 eraser (gum erasers work best)
1 pair scissors (pointed and metal)
1 wide-ruled (1 subject only) spiral notebook
4 pocket folders with pocket on bottom NOT side (very important) NOT vinyl
1 package of loose-leaf notebook wide-rule paper
1 large box of baggies (any size; snack, sandwich, quart, storage)
1 package of 3-ounce or 5-ounce bathroom paper cups for snacks
1 container of hand wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 1/2 to 2 inch three-ring binder (does not have to be new). This is used as a scrapbook and will be returned at the end of the year. Please do not send large zippered binders.
* Teachers no longer have budgets to help with classroom incidentals, so we are asking for a $10 per child to offset film developing, snacks and other supplies throughout the year.
* At least one bag, box, package, etc. of something for snack. Please do not send candy. Suggested items include crackers, pretzels, goldfish, dry cereal, animal crackers, or vanilla wafers.

Each child will have their own locker to store their coats and backpacks.
When purchasing new backpacks please keep in mind the large pull type backpacks will not fit in the lockers. A regular size backpack without handles and wheels should work great.

Third grade supply list
1 small manual pencil sharpener with attached container for shavings
1 box of 12 colored pencils
1 box of crayons
1 box of washable markers
1 pair of metal point scissors
6 sticks of glue
1 cigar-size (small) pencil box
2 dozen sharpened pencils
2 boxes of tissue
1 bookmark for AR books
5 pocket folders
3 spiral notebooks (wide ruled, 70 pages) of the same colors of folders to
correlate to subjects)
3 fine tip dry erase markers (black or blue)
Antibacterial wipes
3 highlighters (one yellow, green, pink)
2 pink pearl erasers
2 packages wide-ruled notebook lined paper
Ear buds (for listening at computers — prefer over headphones)
$10 check made out to Parkview Elementary for the national Geographic Explorer magazine and classroom incentives (Mystery Motivator)
With financial constraints facing all of us, it is important to remember that your child will not get supplies given to them at school. Your cooperation in getting these at the beginning of school will equip your child for success.
* Reusable water bottle to keep at desks.
* Please do not bring 3-ring binders to school as they do not fit into desks.
* Please label all supplies/boxes, coats, etc. with student’s name.
* 3rd-grade students are responsible for individual daily snacks.
* Students may need to replenish personal classroom supplies throughout the year, so please check often with your child.

Fourth grade supply list
1 small manual pencil sharpener with attached container for shavings
2 dozen No. 2 sharpened yellow pencils (no mechanical pencils, or pencils with designs please — the quality isn’t as high)
1 box of colored pencils or markers
2 red pens for grading (Miss Myers’ class)
1 package of narrow point dry erase markers (for white boards)
1 package of large dry erase markers (for classroom use)
1 each of green, yellow and red highlighters for writing erasers
1 pencil box (We have found that the flat zip-up envelopes work best in the smaller desks)
8 pocket folders of different colors (1 each for social studies, reading,
math, music, science, writing, classwork and homework)
2 3-subject spiral notebooks (1 for math and 1 for writing)
2 packages of loose leaf paper
1 basic 3-ring binder
3-ring binder dividers (Ms. Shoe’s class)
1 package of small post-it notes
1 pair of scissors
1 liquid glue
1 ruler with inches and centimeters
3 boxes of tissue
1 box of gallon sized ziplock bags
1 plastic water bottle
* 4th grade students are responsible for individual daily snacks.
* Students may need to replenish personal classroom supplies throughout the school year.
* The school desks and lockers are narrow. Please keep that in mind when buying school supplies. A smaller backpack (no rollers) will fit better in the lockers, and the 3-ring binder should just be a basic one, please no zip-up binders.
* If you are unable to provide these supplies, there are several agencies that donate supplies to the school.

Fifth grade supply list
2 boxes of tissue to share with the class
Zip-up trappers
Notebooks — 6 (spiral bound) one subject-need to be replaced in January
Paper — 1 ream of copy paper
Pocket folders — 6 to fit in binder (one of each color preferred) these will probably need to be replaced during the year)
Color coordinating notebooks and folders is helpful
1 homework folder with two pockets
Highlighters — pink, yellow, green
Pencils — 2 dozen, erasers, pen (red) correcting marker
Dry erase pen — fine tip (2-4)
Ruler — with standard and metric units
Colored pencils for maps and math
Pencil pouch for binder calculator- simple 4 operation type (optional)
Needed materials
Notebooks will cost $.25/pencils $.05 if teachers need to provide
* The Rangely Police Department has donations of supplies if needed.
* Halfway through the year students will need to replace supplies if necessary.
Rangely Junior High
All grades
2 binders: 1.5- 2 inch, three rings. Please no trapper keepers.
2 sets of subject dividers
2 pencil bags or some other way to keep all of your supplies (one for each binder)
No. 2 pencils (lots!) If you choose mechanical pencils, don’t forget the lead
Package of No. 2 pencils of 24 count or more (these will be collected)*
2 black or blue pens
2 folders w/pockets
Colored pencils
1 red pen
1 personal pencil sharpener
2 glue sticks (one will be collected) *
Ruler with centimeters and inches
2 looseleaf notebook pape,r wide rule for home and school, at least 200-count***
Graph paper (you will need some for both your math and science binder)
Hi-lighters (one each) yellow, pink, green, blue
Paper reinforcers
Backpack: The backpack is for bringing your books to and from school, not to take to your classes. Bags must be left in your locker.
Clothes and shoes for P.E.
4-5 stretch book covers (jumbo)
4 AAA batteries (for school calculators, to be collected)*
3 large pink erasers
*** Items need to be replenished throughout the year
* Items will be collected

Hints for success:
• Keep your supplies replenished throughout the school year
• Have a dictionary at home to use for English homework
• Most teachers require pencil on all written work
• Be organized! Planners will be provided
• Be on time to your classes with all required materials
Rangely Senior High
Basic supplies
No. 2 pencils
Mechanical pencils
Pencil sharpener (hand held with a top to collect shavings)
Ballpoint pens (get a few red ink ones too, because some teachers have students do peer editing)
Spiral bound or composition notebooks
Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Most ask that students use the college-ruled variety.)
A ruler with English and metric measurements

Basic organizational supplies
Several 3-ring binders (some teachers will require a binder to be used exclusively for their class)
Pencil case to fit into binder
A small notebook to record assignments
A calendar for time management and scheduling assignments