4-H Senior Profile: Makaila Etchart

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phmkmakailaetchart1• How long have you been involved in 4-H?
Eight years.

• What is your favorite 4-H activity?
My favorite 4-H activity is preparing my lambs for fair. I enjoy shearing and preparing them for my showmanship and market class.

• What categories will you compete in at the fair?
Sheep Showmanship and Market Classes.

• List past 4-H awards or accomplishments?
Grand Champion Novice Showmanship, first, second, fourth, fifth and seventh in Market Classes.

• What have you learned from your time in 4-H?
I have learned how to properly care for my 4-H lambs. I have developed responsibility and independence by learning to care for my lambs. I know how to show my sheep in market and showmanship classes at the RBC fair.

• What is your favorite 4-H memory or experience?
Each year is a new memory because every year you get different personalities of lambs and it’s interesting and an experience to raise them and work with them those few months you have them before showing at the county fair.

• What are your future plans?
I’m attending the University of Northern Colorado this fall and majoring in business.

• What advice would you give up-and-coming 4-H’ers?
Enjoy each year you’re in 4-H and raising your animals. Participating in 4-H teaches you a great deal of responsibility, which you learn to use every day.