4-H Senior Profile: Megan Ridings

phmkmeganridings3MEEKER | • How long have you been involved in 4-H?
I have been involved in 4-H for 12 years.

• What is your favorite 4-H activity?
My favorite 4-H activity is grooming my animals for show. I spend hours getting my animals ready for the show, and I love it.

• What categories will you compete in at the fair?
I will be competing in Sheep-Senior Division Showmanship and Senior Division Market as well as Beef-Senior Division Showmanship and Senior Division Market.

• What have you learned from your time in 4-H?
My time in 4-H has been so beneficial to my future. I have learned responsibility and focus. More importantly, I have learned how to accept defeat as well as how to win. As I have gotten older, all of these things have contributed to my success in all aspects of life.

• What is your favorite 4-H memory or experience?
For me, 4-H has been some of the best times in my life. To pick just one favorite memory is impossible. I would have to say that fair is my favorite thing about 4-H. There is something so relaxing about sitting in lawn chairs with close friends with the sound of a variety of animals in the background. Every fair for the past 12 years has made my best 4-H memories.

• What are your future plans?
I am heading to the University of Wyoming in August. There I will be studying to receive my degree in elementary education. After I have completed my schooling, I plan to return to Meeker to teach and coach.

• What advice would you give up-and-coming 4-H’ers?
Advice is such a hard thing to give, especially when it is intended for all 4-H members. I think that the most important thing for current and future 4-H members to remember is how they felt the first year they joined 4-H. It is important to remember what it was like to be excited to see your animal each day, and how nervous and anxious you were they day of the show. It is sad for me to look at the many 4-H members around me who have forgotten how it felt those first years. The county fair has become a time of stress and hateful competition for many members; if this continues, the true meaning of 4-H will be lost. I encourage each 4-H member to take a moment and remember why we all joined our variety of clubs in the first place — not for the competition, not for the short-lived fame and not for the money. Each of us joined for the same reason … fun!