$5 million for Rangely Renewable Energy Project included in U.S. Senate appropriations bill

U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper worked together to recommend inclusion of $5 million in funding for the Rangely Renewable Energy Project in one of the Senate Appropriations Bills through the congressionally directed spending (CDS) process. The project would help make Rangely’s municipal facility energy self-sufficient through the use of solar and geothermal technologies. The project is included in the Senate committee versions of the spending bills. The budget bill needs to pass both the House and the Senate. 

The project description, submitted to the committee, states: “Installation of Cogency solar power technology at three facilities in Rangely, CO (Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Recreation Center). Solar installation would make all three facilities energy self-sufficient.”

According to a press release from Sen. Hickenlooper’s office, “To qualify, CDS requests must be submitted by local governments or non-profits. Senators may then request inclusion of these projects in one of the 12 annual funding bills. Congress will now negotiate final appropriations bills — both the House and Senate will have to vote before they become law and communities receive funding.”

“As we recover from the worst public health and economic crisis in a century, this funding will help meet the needs of Colorado communities across the state,” said Bennet in a press release. “From expanding access to health care to building affordable housing and creating good-paying jobs, these investments will help rebuild our economy to deliver opportunity to every Coloradan.” 

“These projects will make a real difference in towns all across our state. Coloradans know best what their communities need, and Congress should do its best to listen,” Hickenlooper stated in his press release. 

Special to the Herald Times

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