2018 Elk Bugling Contest Results

The 2018 Elk Bugling Contest took place Wednesday, Oct. 17. Pictured are the winners from first through fifth grade. PATTI HOKE PHOTO
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MEEKER | 2018 Elk Bugling Contest Results

Grand Champion: Raegan Clatterbaugh

Pick up a newspaper, download the free Zappar app to your smartphone or tablet, and scan the code on the front page to hear Raegan’s winning bugle.

First Grade
First Place: Addie Shonk
Second Place: Toren Gates
Second Grade
First Place: Dylan Rundberg
Second Place: Tilben Gates
Third Place: Hattie Brennan

Third Grade
First Place: Eli Rundberg
Second Place: Jill Ward

Fourth Grade
First Place: Jenna Rippy
Second Place: Addison Moon
Third Place: Owen Etchart

Fifth Grade
First Place: Augie Halstead
Second Place: Falon Gilbert

Camouflage Contest winners at the 2018 Elk Bugling Contest put on by Meeker Police Department.

Camouflage Contest
First Place: Addison Moon
Second Place: Eli Rundberg
Third Place: Dylan Rundberg
Fourth Place: Addie Shonk
Fifth Place: Eli Bennett

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