A heads up for local veterans (OPED)

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Meeker VFW & American Legion
RBC | This is a heads up for veterans, family members, friends and caregivers.
There are some bad people out there, always has been. Some of these folks are after your home. Unsolicited offers (fantastic deals) to refinance your home/lower monthly payments/access equity etc. Some legislative action has been taken but the threat still exists. If you have questions talk to your banker.
The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo., (www.archives.gov) can be a valuable asset to veterans and their family members including discharge documents, DD-214, military honors, etc. The fire in 1973 caused major damage but it did not put them out of business. Modern technology and old-fashioned perseverance can do wonders.
This Memorial Day could be a nice opportunity to spend some time with the family and do something to help our children remember the sacrifices made by military veterans.
Organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion are important in the cause of freedom because they give a voice to veterans and their families.
God Bless America.