AGNC, Eskelson laud governor for supporting gas export facility

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RBC I Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC) applaud Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision to send a letter supporting the proposed Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export facility in Coos Bay, Ore., to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair, Cheryl LaFleur.

In the letter, Hickenlooper stated, “The approval and ultimate construction of the Jordan Cove facility will open international markets and economic opportunity for rural Northwestern Colorado communities…”
The project terminal is the only LNG export facility on the West Coast that would directly link Colorado to new energy markets via the Ruby Pipeline, which originates in Northwest Colorado and which carries natural gas from that region to states west of Colorado.
“Piceance Basin’s vast natural gas reserves can contribute to the global economy and enhance the security of nations around the world,” said Susan Alvillar, president of the Association and employee of WPX Energy. “Jordan Cove is an opportunity for our energy products to enter the global market place and support the local economy throughout Northwest Colorado.”
AGNC members met with Hickenlooper in May of this year and asked him specifically to support this project along with the export of LNG.
Mike Samson, a Garfield County commissioner, told the governor that, “Growth in domestic demand for natural gas will not stabilize the price of natural gas; exporting LNG to countries like Japan and China would help stabilize natural gas pricing, particularly in Western Colorado.”
Samson requested that Hickenlooper write a letter of support for the project and the he indicated he would be willing to do that.
Jeff Eskelson, AGNC chairman and Rio Blanco County commissioner, stated, “We are pleased that Gov. Hickenlooper has followed through with his commitment to support the Jordan Cove export facility. We appreciate him listening to the concerns of Northwest Colorado and working with us in trying to stabilize a key industry for our region.”
The Jordan Cove LNG export facility is expected to receive regulatory approvals at the federal, state and local levels and may see exports begin in the next five to six years. Natural gas produced in NW Colorado is expected to be a major supply source via the Ruby Pipeline for exports of LNG to Asian markets within nine days of the Jordan Cove facility.