AGNC supports multi-use

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RBC I Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado re-affirms its support for multiple use of public lands as “the Land of Many Uses” in supporting Club 20’s position regarding Western Slope energy resources.
Legislation eliminating balanced use of said lands should be viewed with a suspicious eye. Case in point is the Thompson Divide Withdrawal Act of 2012 which would remove a massive amount of public land from even consideration of balanced utilization of mineral resources. The bill, if enacted would have the effect of a de-facto Wilderness bill excluding discussion and possible reasonable development of mineral resources.
Mineral resources are just one of many uses that were historically considered for the public lands. Over the years these resources have provided energy for our citizens, tax revenue for our local governments, our schools and business for our communities. Countless jobs have been a direct result of balanced development of the energy sources. In addition critical and low cost energy for our homes and businesses have been provided. Our own energy helps us lower our dependency on foreign governments. We all must help in the effort. Is it wise to take a large swath of minerals and closeout even consideration of balanced use?
So many stakeholders now and in the future will have their input eliminated as the above stated bill would lock out on a permanent basis possible balanced mineral use in a massive area (hundreds of thousands of acres) referred to as the Thompson Creek.
AGNC believes in responsible development of said resources but more importantly believes that the population of today must proceed very carefully before eliminating uses on Public Lands for future populations. Careful and fact driven analysis must be undertaken before such a significant step, as outlined by the bill, be taken.
Club 20’s resolution was well thought out and should be strongly considered by the lawmakers prior to any action.