BLM begins gathering of 50 horses

MEEKER I The Bureau of Land Management is scheduled to begin an emergency gather of about 50 horses on Sunday in the West Douglas Herd Area south of Rangely.
In June, BLM staff members identified a herd of approximately 50 horses on the southeastern side of Texas Mountain in the West Douglas Herd Area that were running low on available water and forage due to this year’s extreme drought. The BLM began short-term emergency actions to deliver water to the horses to maintain their physical condition until a long-term solution could be identified.
The BLM determined that removal of the affected horses through the use of water trapping is the best solution in this particular circumstance. Water trapping is a gathering technique where over a period of days panels are added to an area surrounding an artificial water source. As the horses become acclimated to the panels, the trapper reduces entry to a single point that has a gate. The gate is closed once animals enter the area of the water source. The animals are then transported to a temporary holding facility.
“The BLM considers wild horses an important resource and we are doing everything we can for the welfare of these horses,” said BLM Wild Horse Specialist Jerome Fox.
The gather will last for 30 days or until 50 horses are gathered, whichever comes first.