BLM to hold public hearing regarding use of motorized equipment for wild horse control

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RBC | As part of the
Administration’s commitment to
make America great through shared
conservation stewardship, the
Bureau of Land Management
Colorado is conducting a public
hearing to discuss the use of motorized
vehicles to monitor and manage
wild horse populations from 5
to 6 p.m. July 28 at the White River
Field Office, 220 E. Market St.,
Meeker, Colo.
The BLM conducts an annual
statewide public hearing to obtain
public comment regarding the use
of any motor vehicles in wild horse
management as outlined in the
Federal Land Policy and
Management Act. Motorized equipment
is used to accomplish a number
of management objectives such
as trapping operations, transporting
horses and burros, and monitoring.
The BLM plans to use helicopter,
fixed-wing aircraft and other
motorized vehicles to estimate population
numbers and obtain seasonal
distribution information for wild
horse herds throughout Colorado.
Helicopters may also assist in gathering
excess wild horses in
Colorado this year, including a proposed
gather of up to 72 wild horses
from private land outside the
Piceance-East Douglas Herd
Management Area (HMA) southwest
of Meeker.